We help you to live better and to take care of your health.

Betterise is smart, simple and fun.

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Your one-stop health concierge

Betterise offers you a highly personalized and thorough monitoring of your health and general well-being.

Because Betterise gets to know you, it can, on a daily basis, suggest an array of contents perfectly suited to your needs, your profile, your behaviour and even the weather: you will soon be surprised by its level of accuracy.

Betterise is the most accomplished and innovative digital health service.

Scientifically reliable, it is also the most benevolent of its kind today, allowing you to enjoy your life at its fullest and healthiest.

Betterise is intelligent, and that, changes everything.


Betterise provides you with many features designed to help you take care of your health. Each one, customized to your needs, day after day.

Customized tips

Benefit each day from thousands of health/well-being customized tips suited specifically to you.

Coaching programs

Discover dozens of our high quality coaching programs designed to help you meet your goals.


Take a step back with our intuitive dashboard, which analyses your behaviour and helps you understand yourself.

Culinary recipes

Enjoy recipes brought to you by our nutritionists, suited to your life-style and needs.


Stay healthy and earn points: yes, being in good shape can also be a daily game.

Connected devices

Synchronize your apps on Betterise. We gather and interpret the data.


Small acts lead to big changes. Will you undertake our challenges?


Set aside your preconceived ideas about health thanks to our quizzes. Is it really necessary to walk 10,000 steps per day?


The whole Betterise experience is entirely customized and suited to you, thanks to our behavioral algorithm.

Enjoy unlimited Betterise for only 9£90 per month.


Betterise deals with the different areas which, each day, truly impact your health and your general well-being.

The scientific approach of Betterise and its entire content have been designed, studied and set forth by a consortium of acknowledged experts and medical practitioners, under the supervision of Doctor Michel CYMES.

In a unique and global approach, Betterise covers the 17 topics (Nutrition, Activity, Sleep …) which have an impact on your health.

And, because everything you will read is scientifically proven, I can assure you that it truly works. Discover a new method to take care of yourself and of your health.

Doctor Michel CYMES.

Founding Partner in charge of medical research

Available on

Betterise is available on the Internet, via iPhone and Android apps, and even an Apple Watch app.

To this day, no other health digital service is as complete.

Connected devices

The “quantified self” finally becomes relevant.

You already own a connected device? Plug it in on Betterise, and all your data will be synchronized, aggregated and interpreted on your easy access dashboard. Still, we go further: the whole platform will automatically adapt to your behaviour, automatically.

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