About us

Betterise is an incredible adventure which started in France, in 2013. We believed that by controlling the latest technology, but also (and especially) the latest digital applications, we could design a unique service, which would benefit the life and health of its users.

Since then, our outstanding team has been working hard on making this vision come true, with the help of the best doctors and specialists who are with us step by step in the making of this service unlike any other.

In October 2014, the first version of Betterise was launched online. In the early spring of 2015, Betterise is available online, on an iPhone app, on an Android app, and the Apple Watch app is currently being tested.

We cover 17 health related fields by means of an incredible array of different features and we are compatible with the most popular connected devices. Our technical platform is open to the world, with robust and tested APIs, it is able to deliver our content and intelligence worldwide.

We have won awards for our dedication. More important for us is the fact that, today, Betterise is at the disposal of hundreds of thousands of people in Europe thanks to agreements made with innovative clients. Our iPhone apps have been downloaded more than 200,000 times.

And the future is already here: we endlessly enhance Betterise. More content, more programs, more features … and also more home automation. Because, yes, your house is a convenient place for your health monitoring. We also cross borders: we are present in Brussels and London.

Our mission is clear: to use the best of what the latest technology and the new ways have to offer, in order to better the life and health of our users. Our company, Betterise Health Tech, was built for it and is already designing other platforms, more specific than Betterise.

Waow! So much has been done. We are proud and grateful to all those who supported us.

And thank you and congratulations to you, Alex. You are in our hearts, each and every day.

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