Betterise is the most accomplished health/well-being digital platform on the market. That is why, with the help of incredible partners, we are working hard to bring our approach to as many users as possible. Are you interested in presenting Betterise or your own health service to your clients or colleagues? Welcome.

Betterise for your clients

Our model of license sales by the volume fits perfectly with all your communication projects regarding the health and well-being of your clients. Furthermore, thanks to the platform approach of Betterise, all of the content but also the intelligence of Betterise can be integrated via dedicated API, to your service.

Indeed, you can build your own Betterise, with your colours, by very simply integrating our content and algorithms in your project. No fuss. No added delay. Everything is already at your disposal.

You can, of course, also choose to provide Betterise in its original version to your clients. We can even add your authentication system.

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, to discover our decreasing price volume policy.

Betterise for your employees

Since we believe every company has a real responsibility regarding the health of its employees, Betterise is also a well-being platform for companies, with suited features for an easy unfolding.

Betterise will remain totally independent from your company and your employees will have no fears concerning their data being used, because all you're doing is granting them access to Betterise. And they will be grateful for that.

Hence, Betterise is the most accomplished corporate wellness platform on the market. Do you wish to take care of your colleagues’ health by using a confidential, fun, anxiety free and functional approach? Contact us by email,